PRONUNCIATION key: Kay'- sha

Fun fact: I didn't know my first name was Kacia until halfway through sixth grade.


I grew up in Pittsburgh and left quickly; I wasn't clever enough to know it would soon be the next big thing. After living on both coasts, I decided there's nowhere I'd rather sweat all my sweat and cry all my tears than in New York City. 

Professionally, I've tried my hand at dance (hip hop – in LA), have been a visual designer since 2007, and have been taking pictures since my high school photography class with the quirky Mr. Brown. 

Favorite snack: Trader Joe's Rosemary Raisin Crisps with honey goat cheese, with a cold glass of sparkling water.

Favorite childhood memory: hiding in the kitchen cupboards to "surprise" my dad when he came home every night. 

I think real life – in all its complicated messiness – is beautiful. Nobody is perfect. We all love and want to be loved. We're all just little meat popsicles running amok on a giant rock. My camera helps me make sense of it all.