hey! I’m kacia* (she/her).

Fun fact: I didn't know that was my first name until halfway through sixth grade.


I’m a photographer-for-hire who will shoot almost anything as long as (1) there’s natural light and (2) it’s not a wedding. My favorite things to document are families living their daily messy lives.

Professionally, I've tried a few different things: dance (hip hop, in LA, and no you definitely haven’t seen me in anything), graphic design (ten years), and photography (a longtime side-hustle). Now, I’m in school to become a psychotherapist. As a therapist, much of my interest in human behaviors and the search for connectedness is centered around our childhood experiences. I’m fascinated by the myriad ways in which we create our own universes with our born-into families. I also never stop thinking about how we create our chosen families. Really I’m just a sucker for feelings.

I think real life – in all its complicated messiness – is beautiful. Nobody is perfect. We're all just meat popsicles running amok on a giant rock, loving and hoping to be loved.

*pronunciation key: Kay'- sha